SoECC - Sum of Edge Clustering Coefficient


SoECC define the sum of edge clustering coefficients of node u as:
SoECC - Sum of Edge Clustering Coefficient
where Nu denotes the set of all neighbor nodes of node u. Obviously, SoECC(u) will be larger if node u that with higher degree. In this sense, SoECC has a integrated characteristic of edges and nodes.
SoECC is a method for identifying essential proteins based on edge clustering coefficient which binds characteristics of edges and nodes effectively.

Edge Clustering Coefficient
For an edge Eu,v connecting node u and node v, we pay attention to how many other nodes that adjoin both u and v. The edge clustering coefficient of Eu,v can be defined by the following expression:
SoECC - Sum of Edge Clustering Coefficient
where zu,v denotes the number of triangles that include the edge actually in the network, du and dv are degrees of node u and node v, respectively. Then the meaning of min(du−1, dv−1) is the number of triangles in which the edge Eu,v may possibly participate at most.


Unweighted, undirected network.



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