Principal Component Centrality


Principal Component Centrality (PCC) of a node in a graph as the Euclidean distance/l2 norm of a node from the origin in the P-dimensional eigenspace formed by the P most significant eigenvectors. For a graph consisting of a single connected component, the N eigenvalues |λ1|≥|λ2|≥...≥|λN| = 0 correspond to the normalized eigenvectors X1 , X2 , ... ,XN. The eigenvector/eigenvalue pairs are indexed in order of descending magnitude of eigenvalues.

Let X denote the N x N matrix of concatenated eigenvectors X = [X1X2 ... XN] and let Λ = [λ12 ... λN]' be the vector of eigenvalues. Furthermore, if P < N and if matrix X has dimensions N x N , then XNxP will denote the submatrix of X consisting of the first N rows and first P columns. Then PCC can be expressed in matrix form as:
Principal Component Centrality
Above equation can also be written in terms of the eigenvalue and eigenvector matrices Λ and X, of the adjacency matrix A:
Principal Component Centrality

PCC is a measure of node centrality and is based on PCA and the Karhunen Loeve transform (KLT) which takes the view of treating a graphs adjacency matrix as a covariance matrix.
Unlike eigenvector centrality, PCC allows the addition of more features for the computation of node centralities.

Weighted Principal Component Centrality

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