NC - Network Centrality


The centrality measure, named as NC, calculate a node’s importance based on the number of edges it connects and the edges’ clustering coefficients. For a node u, its NC(u) is defined as the sum of edge clustering coefficients of all edges directly connected with node u:
NC - Edge Clustering Coefficient
where Nu denotes the set of all neighbors of node u. Obviously, NC(u) will be larger if node u has higher degree.
NC considers both the centrality of a node and the relationship between it and its neighbors.

Edge Clustering Coefficient
The edge clustering coefficient of Eu,v can be defined as:
NC - Edge Clustering Coefficient
where zu,v denotes the number of triangles that include the edge actually in the network, du and dv are degrees of node u and node v, respectively. Then, the meaning of min(du-1, dv-1) is the number of triangles in which the edge Eu,v may possibly participate at most.


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