Motif-Based Centrality


The motif-based centrality cmc:V↦R assigns to every vertex v∈V(G) the number of matches the vertex v occurs in.
It is defined as:

Two extensions of this centrality exist: motif-based centrality with roles and motif-based centrality with classes.
Such different functions of vertices within motifs are called roles and three roles can be assigned to the vertices of the FFL motif. The motif-based centrality with roles Cmbr restricts the number of counted matches to those matches where the vertex occurs in the match with the role under consideration;
By assigning the same role to similar vertices of a group of similar motifs we can establish a centrality based on a class (or group) of motifs. The motif-based centrality with classes Cmbc is the sum of motif-based centralities with roles Cmbr for the same role in similar or related motifs.

see [KOSCHÜTZKI, D., 2007] for more details.



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