ME - Mapping Entropy Centrality


This concept is established according to the local information which considers the correlation among all neighbors of a node. This method identifies the importance of a node in the complex network.

Mapping entropy (ME) defines by applying the degree centralities of node $v_i$ and $v_j$.

$$ME_i=-DC_i {\underset{j=1}{\overset{M}{\sum}}} logDC_j$$

where $DC_i$ is the degree centrality of node $v_i$, and $DC_j$ is the degree centrality of one of its neighbor nodes, and $M$ is the neighbor set of node $v_i$.

The value of ME reflects the correlation between a node and its neighbor nodes. This is a new centrality definition based on knowledge of the neighbors of a node. The efficiency of the mapping entropy centrality is indicated from both the static style and the dynamic style.


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