Lobby Index (Centrality)


The l-index or lobby index of a node x is the largest integer k such that x has at least k neighbors with a degree of at least k.

If x has a high lobby index, then the l-core L(x) (those neighbors which provide the index) has high connectivity (statistically higher than l(x).
The authors expect that in the case of social and communication networks (some of which are also based on social networks) the lobby-index is located between the bridgeness, closeness, eigenvector and betweenness centrality. Based on this intermediate position of the lobby index authors expect that it can be a useful aid in developing good defence and immunization strategies for peer-to-peer networks as well as help create more efficient broadcasting schemes in sensor networks and marketing or opinion shaping strategies.



  • KORN, A., SCHUBERT, A. & TELCS, A. 2009. Lobby index in networks. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 388, 2221-2226.


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