LAC - Local Average Connectivity-Based Method


Let Nv be the set of neighbors of node v. The subgraph G[Nv] induced by Nv is named Cv. For a node w in Cv, distinguished from its degree deg(ω) in G, its local connectivity in Cv is represented as degCv (w). It is obvious that each node i in G has only one deg(i), but has different degCv (i) with respect to different Cv. For each node w∈Nv, its local connectivity degCv (w) is defined as how many other nodes in Cv it connects directly. Then, the local average connectivity of a node v (LAC(v)) is defined as the average local connectivity of its neighbors:
LAC - Local Average Connectivity-Based Method
LAC(v) of a node v describes how close its neighbors are. Essentiality is, in many cases, a product of complex function rather than an individual protein function. The local average connectivity is such a local metric to determine a protein’s essentiality based on the modular nature of protein essentiality.


  • LI, M., WANG, J., CHEN, X., WANG, H. & PAN, Y. 2011. A local average connectivity-based method for identifying essential proteins from the network level. Computational biology and chemistry, 35, 143-150. DOI: 10.1016/j.compbiolchem.2011.04.002 Publisher web site Endnote RIS file


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