Group Betweenness Centrality


Group betweenness centrality (GBC) shows the proportion of geodesics connecting pairs of non-group members that pass through a group of nodes.
GBC of a group of nodes stands for the fraction of shortest paths between pairs of nodes in a network that passes through at least one of the nodes in the group. Thus, GBC can be used for estimating the ability of a group of collaborating nodes to monitor the network traffic. [EVERETT, M. G. 1999, PUZIS, R., 2009]

Defined the group betweenness of u and v as:

B(u, v) = C{u,v}(u, u) + C{u,v}(v, v) − C{u,v}(u, v),

Group Betweenness Centrality
for i1, i2 ∈ {u, v}, and σst (i1, i2) is the number of geodesic paths between vertices s and t that pass through both i1 and i2.
[KOLACZYK, E. D., 2009]

Faster computation of successive bounds on the group betweenness centrality
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K-step Group Betweenness Centrality
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