DSS - Double Screening Scheme


Each scoring method catches certain postulated topological characteristic of essential proteins. A double screening scheme is proposed to these scoring methods to reflect mixed characteristic of essential proteins. For two scoring methods A and B, the screening scheme operates as following: Suppose that we want to output n most possible essential proteins. First, the 2n top ranked proteins by scoring method A are selected. Then the selected 2n proteins are ranked by scoring method B and the n top ranked proteins are output. [LIN, C.-Y. 2008]


  • LIN, C.-Y., CHIN, C.-H., WU, H.-H., CHEN, S.-H., HO, C.-W. & KO, M.-T. 2008. Hubba: hub objects analyzer—a framework of interactome hubs identification for network biology. Nucleic acids research, 36, W438-W443.


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