PII - Political Independence Index


It calculates the power of node in a political network of allies and adversaries. It is described as follows:
PII - Political Independence Index
Where P(i) and N(i) are the number of positive and negative edgesat distance i from a node, β is the attenuation factor and x is anexponent defined as:
PII - Political Independence Index
Here, M is the maximum number of ties from any node in thenetwork.


  • Smith, J.M., Halgin, D.S., Kidwell-Lopez, V., Labianca, G., Brass, D.J. and Borgatti, S.P., 2014. Power in politically charged networks. Social Networks, 36, pp.162-176. DOI: 10.1016/j.socnet.2013.04.007 Publisher web site Endnote RIS file


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